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TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS: If an shopvapes.com product is incorrectly listed at a wrong price, shopvapes.com maintains the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price, as well as the right to refuse or cancel any orders regardless of whether or not the order has been confirmed and Customer credit card charged. If an order is charged to your card and cancelled by shopvapes.com, Eilikwids.com will issue a credit to your credit card.

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ORDERS, PRICING, PAYMENT AND SHIPMENT: The price of the products ordered will be the price shown and reflected on the shopvapes.com site at the time of the order. The cost of arranging delivery and purchase price will clearly be displayed on the checkout page prior to the customer committing to the order and will be the full and final amount due for the order. We accept payment from major credit and debit cards. Links to third party sites from shopvapes.com are separate and apart from shopvapes.com. Any remedy sought regarding pricing on a third party site should be through and with the third party.

WARRANTIES: Thirty (30) day warranties ONLY exist on manufacturing defects for devices. Misuse or mistreatment of products that are considered usage defects are not included in warranty and may include, but are not limited to: Bent atomizers, batteries that have been exposed to water, wires becoming exposed and batteries that have been dropped or separated. All E-liquids and product purchases are final. Customers are responsible for return shipping, the only exception being if they were sent the wrong product. Service questions should be sent to support at shopvapes.com. Immediately upon receipt of products, customer shall examine and inspect products. Failure of customer to provide shopvapes.com notice of any claim within five days of receipt of such products/purchases shall constitute acceptance of the product and/or products purchased.